888 Design & Build is a company for those clients that are looking for high quality service with the right professionals to fulfil their requirements.

Our goal is to lead the Design and Build market. More transparent construction projects with integrity by building to Engineers Specifications throughout the project and having good management overseen quality control through finishing stages.

Construction should be about integrity with the future in mind, long lasting and high-quality developments need warranty. 888 by following procedures, protocols and having quality control in all stages, tick off all the boxes doing things right since the beginning.

Our Team

Our team believes and is working towards the same goal, be able to continue to grow as team to open up more path ways of success for ourselves and our clients.

We are a team of motivated personal committed to deliver a high standard service listening to the needs of the clients and workers, following the right protocol and guiding the right action/procedures during the process.

Safety First

Our Greatest Strength is our team, how we treat them and train them set us up for success. There is always an opportunity for the workers to evolve the skills set and the constructions methods by implementing the safety policy aiming to improve the efficiency of the working flow.

How To Buy A Property With 888 Design & Build?


Please send us an enquiry with a description of the property or investment project you’re considering.

Material Selection

It can be exciting & inspiring when deciding what materials you want to use for your build.

Our Promise

We will help you design your property & have regular communication to ensure we meet your expectations.


Having acquired your land & the best design, you will sign the sales or investment agreement & Construction begins.

8 Steps To Building Your Home With 888 Design & Build


Do you already have an available plot of Land and are looking for developers? We have skilled architects, land experts, & reliable advisors ready.


Topography/land survey is simply the mapping and measuring of your Land

  • The size and shape of the property
  • Dimensions and distances to the boundary of houses, elevations, fences, utilities and any features which are essential for the landowner

Soil Test

A soil test provides the information needed to understand what’s happening underground; it will determine the integrity of the soil & what’s required for the foundations to build on it. The most critical stage of any construction is the foundations, designed to suit the building’s weight & specs.


Conceptual design is the very first stage of the design process where drawings and other illustrations are designed.

We use Sketchup, AutoCad, Enscape, 3ds Max to give our clients the first concept of the finished product.


To finalize a design, we may revise several times to improve functions, shape or reduce cost, & this is the protocol regarding the procedure to match the client’s dreams & desires.

Technical Drawing

The technical drawing is the blueprint based on details, notes, & dimensions. The illustrations are a part of product information provided by the designers to the construction team to help construct a project.


Construction starts.


Handover, owners move in.