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Here at 888 Design & Build we offer bespoke Bali villa design and construction services as a unique and holistic approach. 

Our full-package perspective of building villas in Bali is effective thanks to our diverse and cohesive team of design and contracting professionals who work together regularly and efficiently. We are stronger together. 

By integrating the design and build process into a single harmonious procedure, our designers and contractors work hand-in-hand from conception to completion. We believe our approach positions us as a leading innovative construction solution provider in Bali.

The traditional villa-building approach of hiring designers and contractors separately is fragmented and creates a divided workforce with disjointed workflow and limited communication and collaboration opportunities. In addition, juggling separate professionals can be challenging and time-consuming. 

Our ’design-build’ approach is not a methodology, it’s a philosophy. Our streamlined and synergised method of building in Bali allows our professionals to put their heads together to create YOUR dream villa in Bali smoother, faster, more conveniently, and more precisely than the rest. 

We understand that building a villa in Bali is a journey, and we are here for you every step of the way. We’re committed to bringing your vision to life with maximum support, inspiration, transparency and of course, excellence.

As you learn more about us at 888 Design & Build, you’ll discover our five-stage process towards villa construction. The processes entail everything from team selection to design, construction and project development – all whilst integrating our professionals’ expertise to combine the phases into smooth and swift action.

Bali Villa Construction: 5 Phases of the Design-Build Process

Our design-build methodology encompasses five distinct phases. Each with a common goal of exceeding expectations and achieving excellence through teamwork and precision.

Once we assemble the team to best realise your vision, we proceed with planning, designing and building your dream villa in Bali. Our final post-construction stage is the final touches and completion of the project.

Here’s our five-stage process in more detail:

Stage 1 – Team Selection:

The first stage of our ‘design-build’ method begins with assembling a skilled team of contractors, designers, and other experts. We believe this is the most important stage of any project. 

By handpicking the best professionals to suit your vision, we can curate a team where anything is possible through total collaboration from start to finish.

Stage 2 – Pre-Construction:

Stage two involves planning and preparing for the construction process. Our hand-picked professionals will evaluate the feasibility of construction and develop a plan of action. 

Architects, contractors, engineers and consultants will analyse all aspects of the build, from budget management to potential challenges and of course, your vision of the build. Then, they’ll create a robust plan to maximise efficiency throughout the villa building process.

Stage 3 – Architectural Design:

Stage three is where our designer and architects will work their magic. They’ll use your vision as inspiration to craft the project’s design with a focus on aesthetics and functionality.

The architects will develop a project schedule in tandem with drawings and cost estimates. Once you are happy with the design and project details, the architects can swiftly greenlight the construction process.

Stage 4 – Construction:

This is the business stage – construction. Here, your dream will become realised in front of your eyes as our trustworthy team of Balinese builders begins with the Bali villa construction.

Due to our holistic villa building approach, you will only need one point of contact (us at 888 Design & Build) to track progress. Our team will continue to communicate and collaborate throughout this stage and all parties will be working in tandem to construct your villa.

This is the stage in which traditional methods of villa construction face challenges with communication and efficiency. At 888 Design & Build, our designers and project managers micromanage progress to ensure the accuracy and accountability of each team member is present. Our common goal of completion through excellence allows for minimal unforeseen changes or errors.

Stage 5 – Post-Construction:

The final stage of the design-build process is the final touches and completion of the project. 

The post-construction stage operates with far greater efficiency and coherence under the guidance of a single construction firm, as opposed to the fragmentation experienced when managing individual contractors, designers, and architects

Why Choose 888 for Building in Bali and Villa Building?

888 Design & Build is the premier choice for clients seeking a total package approach to Bali villa construction. Our holistic approach is not just more convenient for you (the client), but also increases in-house efficiency through bountiful collaboration and communication opportunities.

By opting to build with 888 Design & Build, you unlock the expertise of our diverse team of professionals who combine skill, dedication, and most importantly, teamwork to guide your project to greatness.

Our team boasts some of Bali’s best and most experienced professionals in the villa-building industry. Clients seeking precision, reliability and adherence to local regulations need not worry once the project is under our management.

For a convenient, efficient and trustworthy Bali villa building process, unmatched in excellence and reliability, choose 888. 

 Bali Construction: FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about building in Bali. If you have any questions of your own, do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

How much does it cost to build a villa in Bali?

Costs of building a villa in Bali can vary depending on many factors such as location, material choice, and of course, villa size. The average project costs X to X per sq metre. The average costs for an entire project from start to finish range between X for small simple villas to X for larger, more luxurious projects.

Can I get credit for buying a villa in Bali?

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for a foreigner to acquire credit for Bali villa construction except for exceptional circumstances. It’s important to budget correctly during the planning phase to ensure the funding of the project is both feasible and accurate – but don’t worry, we can help you with this.

If you need to borrow credit to realise your dream villa in Bali, this is something we cannot support. The best plan of action is to contact your bank in your own country.

Is there a withdrawal period?

Unfortunately, there is not. This is due to the fact that in Indonesia, there is no right of withdrawal. 


The processes of searching for land, submitting it to you, and creating preliminary design and construction plans, specifications or any other legal documents are costly and require considerable work. 

This is why we cannot offer a withdrawal period. If the contract between us is abandoned, any fees paid cannot be refunded.

If I want to reserve a piece of land, which documents should I provide?

When residing in Bali, your passport serves as sufficient identification. It’s advisable that you are present in Bali for the settling and acquisition of land. Your presence is essential for the completion of documents at the notary’s office. 

In the circumstance where you’re unable to be present in Bali during this time, but still wish to secure a piece of land we do offer a solution. This option includes the option of us reserving the land on your behalf pending your arrival in Bali and an initial down payment.

Does my villa have any guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee our villas against any major defects of construction for one year. 

Unfortunately, this guarantee does not extend to instances of force majeure, adverse weather conditions or natural disasters such as earthquakes or flooding. Natural degradation of any villa is also not covered in the guarantee.

We can however direct you to our partners at Zurich Insurance. As they do with the majority of our clients, they’ll insure your home against theft, fire and natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding or volcanic activity.

Can you help me in reselling my property?

Unfortunately, there is not. This is due to the fact that in Indonesia, there is no right of withdrawal. 

Yes, we can. We work closely with Bali’s best real estate agencies and have a track record of arranging successful sales of villas with our real estate contacts.

Whatever stage of villa construction you are in, we can reach out to an agency for you to kickstart the sales process of your property.

This is why we cannot offer a withdrawal period. If the contract between us is abandoned, any fees paid cannot be refunded.

Want to Learn More About Building in Bali?

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In this 30-minute no-cost call, we can answer all of your questions and discuss any stage of your build from design to building and even management. There are no strings attached and no obligations or requirements involved. It’s just a friendly chat to help you learn more about the excellent services we provide at 888 Design and Build.

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