Bali Villa Design and Construction

Are you considering building in Bali? You’ve come to the right place.

Build with Confidence – Build with 888

Here at 888 Design & Build, we offer bespoke Bali villa design, architectural and construction services. We’re a one-stop-shop and full-package approach to building a villa in Bali.


Our purpose is to put clients first, reimagine urban life and create dream homes. Day-to-day, we do this by living the values we have defined for ourselves.


Regardless of what stage of your Bali property journey you are at, our team is here to help.


With over 20 projects already completed and a diverse team comprising of eight senior team members and an army of diligent workers, we possess a demonstrated selection of Bali’s best experts in the construction industry.


From the early stages of Bali villa design to construction and project development and management, here at 888 Design & Build our team is dedicated to providing a team-based solution to construction in Bali.. 


Our unique approach surpasses traditional methods of contracting separate professionals by empowering collaboration to create a cohesive workforce which unites and excels in all aspects of villa building


Our members focus on communication and problem-solving as a unit. We are stronger together.

Services: What We Do

Here at 888 Design & Build we offer three core services to realise your dream villa in Bali.

Architectural Services

Our team of architects provides an inspiring, practical and unique approach to Bali villa design – comprised of individual design flair and tailored services to bring YOUR vision to life.

Building Construction

Our Bali villa construction service incorporates delivering on the architect’s innovation. The construction team works in tandem with the architects to turn the idea into reality.


At 888 we coordinate seven stages of development from the process of raw land purchasing and acquisition to site redevelopment and the sale of developed land.

Our Company: Who We Are

At 888 Design & Build, we embody a people-first philosophy, centred around YOU (the client) and our team of motivated professionals committed to delivering high-standard expertise and services in the construction of your dream villa in Bali.

United by a common goal and shared passion for construction, we pride ourselves on a commitment to transparency, integrity, precision and teamwork. Our dedicated team excel in delivering a bespoke and comprehensive construction package to meet your specific requirements. 

We know our greatest strength is our team. Each team member’s voice is heard and valued in our construction process and we are dedicated to pursuing excellence in our field by training and testing our team thoroughly to ensure nothing but the best.

We understand that constructing a villa is not just about structures, but creating lasting homes and inspiring places. We aim to transfer our humanised ethos into each and every project by partnering with clients to bring their ideas to life. Your request – is our creation.

Our unique design and build construction approach encompasses building to established specifications and protocols throughout the project, providing a diligent and high-quality finished product.

Your request is not just another project for us; we see each endeavour as an opportunity to create something truly special by combining your unique vision with our expertise, passion and industriousness.

Building in Bali: 888 In Action

Behind the scenes, our diverse workforce works tirelessly to efficiently and expertly erect each building in Bali safely, precisely and effectively. This video provides a brief insight into what our construction sites look like so that you know what to expect from us.

Portfolio: Completed Projects

Here we proudly present a selection of our completed projects.

1st Floor : 182,04 M²
2nd Floor : 173,12 M²
Carport : 48,4 M²
Outdoor : 129,68 M²
Outdoor Lounge : 83,69 M²
Pool : 68,68 M²
Jacuzzi : 21,26 M²
Design : Modern

Furniture : Custom Furniture
Power : 10000 watt
Air Conditioner : 6
Water Source : Drilled well with filtration systems
Internet : Fiber Optic
CCTV : Yes
Parking : Automatic Garage Door

Living Room : Enclosed
Dinning Room : Enclosed
Bedroom : 3
Bathroom : 3 + 1/2
Ensuite Bathroom : 3
Storage : Yes

Laundry room : Yes
Garden : Yes
Terrace : Yes
Balcony : Yes

Testimonials: Customer Experience

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